Hell's Church - Canton, Georgia.

by Nick
(Atlanta, GA)

The exact date of the foundation of the church is unknown but is said to be around 1886. It was originally named New Hightower Baptist Church. It was always officially used as a normal congregation. But it was said to be, in the night, a bearer of satanic worship. This supposedly happened for over a century in tradition. There were several deaths as ritual sacrifices as well as drownings in the baptismal pool which still exists today. Eventually in the 1990's a teenage boy seeked vengeance on the members of the cult for using his father for one of these sacrifices, he and two accomplices proceeded to go out to the church in the night and burned it to the ground. There is no solid proof about the satanic practice, however there were numerous reports over the years of people lingering at the church in the dead of night and of several deaths in the area. It should also be noted that strangely, nearly all the graves in the church cemetery are of deaths either extremely old or extremely young... There has since been a need church built on the same grounds which is still use to this day. There is also a large oak tree which is rumored to be a bleeding tree which several people said to be hanged.

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Oct 14, 2014
Need more information NEW
by: Etowah Anonymous

Curious to know more about what EDAnonymous was referring to-regarding the trails and woods behind the church, and exactly what may have gone on back there?

Oct 09, 2014
Its not the Church thats haunted NEW
by: EDAnonymous

I grew up near this church in the 1970s, My friends and I would walk down Shoal Creek rd late at night just for kicks. I did see some really shocking things but it never had anything to do with New High tower Church. The present day church is only 25 years old or so, because an arson burned the orginal 1880s church/school house. The young man who did this thought he was doing a Christian thing.
The real story of evil is beyond the church on the old river road.

Aug 17, 2014
Ghost Man NEW
by: Tonya

On 8-16-14 my family and I went to just look around at New Hightower Church. It was about 12p... we walked around the church and then made our way down to the baptizing pool. We looked around and were b there for about 15 minutes and I took pictures. As we were heading back up to the church area I just had to turn around and take one more. So I took it of the the baptizing pool at about halfway up the path. It was til later when i was reviewing the photos that I noticed the one that I took as we were heading back up that I just HAD to take. It is a man clearly and it looks as if he is walking out of the pool with his arms out reached. There is another one beside him manifesting. .. strange but really an eye opener. If you would like to see the photo email me at tonyaneal82@gmail.com. ..

May 22, 2014
My experience. NEW
by: MysteryGirl

My bestfriend and I went there twice. The first time we went was on April 28,2014. When I looked backed at one of my photos, there was a strange white glowing ball of light out in the little open fid next to the church, peeping out of the woods. I showed the photo to another friend of mine, and he called it the "Willow O' the Wisp", meaning that type of light is dangerous to follow.
The second time we went was May 2,2014. We decided to explore during the day that time to hike the trails behind the church, and to check out the baptism pool. As we were walking the path down to the pool, I almost slid and fell, but it was as if someone had caught me pulling me back up (like the fall and trust thing), to keep my from falling. My best friend was walking in front of me at that time, no one was behind me. No one was there but us. I can say that was the weirdest thing that I ever experienced, nothing like that has ever happened to me before. When we got back home, and I was checking the photos I took, I kept seeing this weird sparkly glowing green light appear in some of my photos. In one of my photos, I could zoom in to it, and it was a beautiful sparkling green light, you could see right through it. Another friend of mine (who has more experience in ghost hunting) saw my photo on Facebook, she told me she believes the glowing green light is the spirit of a little girl who drowned there. My friend has been to the church before too, and she said she caught an audio EVP of the little girl talking to them. As she was telling me this, it made sense. Made me think the little girl was watching over my best friend and I there, seeing her in many of my photos. Anyone is welcome there during the day, a lot of hikers, and hunters go there during the day. I'm really wanting to dig deep into research of the land there, and to see if I can get records of the little girl drowning there. My best friend are wanting to go back there with a bigger group, that way it's safer. We're actually wanting to put together a paranormal team. If you have answers of the little girl, or if you would like to see some of my photos, or have questions you can email me. Also if you would like to be apart of our paranormal team just email me, and we will talk from there. My email is

Apr 07, 2014
Saw something NEW
by: Anonymous

Me and a group of about 6 went up their and wanted to see it for are selves. We were all standing around between are trucks just talking and when i look at my friend i saw a young boy walking out from my truck and my eyes just went wide. I didn't say anything because they would have laughed. However after about 30 min we were getting ready to leave. We talked for another 10 min between each other and that's when my friend got really scared because he said he saw someone in the woods on all fours running threw the woods. We got out of their after we saw his face. I think we saw something that night you just have to experience yourself.

Apr 06, 2014
My experience NEW
by: Karkargarrett

Me And a group of friends went and looked at all the graves and stood in the baptism pool no noises or anything werid?...

Feb 19, 2014
Not true NEW
by: Anonymous

It's not really true I go there

Jan 13, 2014
More and more NEW
by: They are here

The sons of the past are here to take are young. There is a strong and evil growing in Canton. They,the satin worshipers are growing more confident and are flaunting there faith to those who are willing to listen. I over herd one of these people bragging about casting a spell on a local man and claiming that he fell ill because of there dark powers.

Jan 13, 2014
More and more NEW
by: They are here

The sons of the past are here to take are young. There is a strong and evil growing in Canton. They,the satin worshipers are growing more confident and are flaunting there faith to those who are willing to listen. I over herd one of these people bragging about casting a spell on a local man and claiming that he fell ill because of there dark powers.

Oct 15, 2013
Weird night NEW
by: Justin

Tried to go there tonight around 8:10 october 15 2013 . As i came apon it there were firetrucks police and an ambulance saying there searching for missing people. I wanna go back . If anyone wants to go email me Jknight181993@gmail.com we can meet there !

Sep 13, 2013
hmm NEW
by: Anonymous

I've gone all the way up and down the satellite images of that road and can't pick out a church or cemetery.

May 17, 2013
Someday NEW
by: Anonymous

Well i live in canton someday i hpoe to see it

Apr 28, 2013
Location NEW
by: Ace

I don't know of the exact address but it's real name is New Hightower Baptist Church. It's is on Shoal creek rd off 140/ exit 20 as far down as the road goes. (It is indeed hard to find if you don't already know where it is..)

Apr 26, 2013
haunted yo NEW
by: creepypastabear

I have been here several times. I saw a white glowing figure by the hanging tree. my friends are idiots and didn't believe me... parked right on top of the figure I saw
"I don't see anything"
then water started to pour down from the tree...
it hadn't rained in days.
also it always takes longer to get there than when you leave when going tye exact same speed.

Dec 13, 2012
Address NEW
by: Anonymous

What is the physical address? We have been searching.

Mar 14, 2011
My trip to Hell's Church.
by: Anonymous

Me and 2 of my close friends just returned home Hell's Church in canton. While we were there we heard noises in the trees and as we walked on around the side we saw the blinds, 2nd window from the end on the right side crack open and go back closed again. In mad instict we bolted back to my truck and flew out there. As we road down the narrow road leading out there my friends arm start itching uncontrollably and when we turned on the light there was a scratch from his elbow to his forearm. Thats some sketchy stuff, we're going back again soon.

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