Hegewisch, IL 60633


Hegewisch is a small town located in the suburbs of Chicago,IL. Home to many , its a very quiet town but during the summer you wouldn't notice that.

During this time there are endless amounts of baseball and softball games, family's enjoying their day at the nearby park, and teenagers running about to a nearby hangout, a place of which we call "The coal hills".

in this place you can find yourself away from your parents, your problems...yea it may be a dump, and I'm not just saying that, because it literally is a dump, ....made of slag, and people's garbage.

But Hegewisch is not as sweet as it looks down from if you were traveling down the main street Baltimore. There is nothing else I can say for right now, but if you my curious friend would like to hear more, I would be glad if you emailed me, I will tell you everything. Everything you need to know, everything about this place, this small town...

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Feb 17, 2014
Hegewisch NEW
by: Anonymous

Hegewisch is not in the suburbs of Chicago. You post is very negative....WHY? What was your point of posting on this site?

Aug 13, 2013
My apt is on Baltimore and Is haunted NEW
by: Anonymous

My apartment right next to the post office is haunted do you have any information? Amanda.prather01@gmail.com

Nov 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

What do you know?

Jan 26, 2012
i want to know more! NEW
by: Anonymous

Whats your email??

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