heber utah

by taylor sokoloff
(eagle mountain utah usa)

when we moved in nothing was wrong but my mom would hear things coming from the closet in the middle of the night.

one time she thought someone was in the house so my dad checked the house and no one was there my mom would turn off the lamp and it would turn back on she unplugged it and it would still turn on.

she would see shadows under the door and the dog would just sit there and bark at nothing my brother saw something crawling out of his closet and started crawling up unto the bed it heard my dad coming and crawled back into the closet.

these were just everyday things on my house like seeing ghosts or hearing them or unxeplainable things happening.

after 10 years we decided to leave and they did not like that they would make loud noises talk and show them selves.

we moved out and left most of are stuff there im sorry for the people that live there now

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