Heather Bacarella

by Heather Bacarella
(Grand Rapids, MI)

I went on anart school trip. I had past experience with other ghost or mediums from one of first memory's. The second I walked in the Felt home I smelled an egg or sulfur smell.

I have always felt a great presence when entering other peoples homes. It could maybe just one room of the home or the whole home. But, back to Felt home when I came in the smell was strong.

We where asked to set in room while a speaker talked about interior and exterior off the home and when and why it was built.

While setting in my chair trying to listen I heared ol toons from classic music playling right over of us. It was like some one in The room above us was listening to it.

I didn't know or read up about felt home until after my vist. After speaker was done I turn to one of a class mate that was taking the same course and asked if they had smelled or heared the music.

They looked like I crazy. We did not know history. By the way we. Had the speaker talk about home right under Mrs. Flets room, it all made sense. There were also the ballroom, office for Mr. Felt and the kitchen and many rooms that I smelled and heared things and felt something.

Some people may say it is kind sprits but, I feel if they ate behind there lost and never did I feel peace but empty feelings for the souls that are lost.

If you want to more about this e-mail hclynch@hotmail.com if its just negative things please don't waste your time or my time. Thanks, Heather

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