Hazel Green Cemetary

by Mike Weide
(Iowa Falls, IA, USA)

Ive been to Hazel Green many times. Every time I have been there I have not left dissapointed. I have EVPs from all ends of the place. On the east side of the place near an unknown grave site marked 1847 I cought an EVP telling me to "Run, Go, Get Out." At about the same time I cought an orb of red light following me between the rows of graves. I did set a voice recorder in the Gazeebo. I caught an unexplained creaking sound that I believe to be the older lady rocking. If you go into the grounds keepers shed there is an old rocking chair. On the south side of that shed on the outside of the fence there are 3 unmarked grave sites. These sites are told to be of 3 witches killed for performing witchcraft back in the 1800's. I have cought video of mists forming and walking from them grave sites down to the creek below the cemetery. I have noticed that the most activity happens when a group of 4-6 persons are within the gates. Another site to check out that is close to this place is Eagle City Park. I have cought EVPs of chanting. It is told that this place was a place of warship for devil warshipers. I have one EVP that has been my favorite above all. I have an EVP from Eagle City clear as day a low male voice whispering, "Kill, Kill, Kill, Satan will kill."

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