Haunting of the new Redmond hotel in redmond

On the Fourth of July, 2011, my family and I got seats next to the hotel and I asked my grandpa if I can go look inside. So we did, and so we went in and everything in that hotel was very very old from the olden days, so after I was done looking at an old typewriter, I saw this picture above the stair -case that led to the rooms, and the picture had to ladies in it and it looked liked the picture changed! That scared me a little, but I just shook the thought off. Again, I asked my grandpa if I can go up to the rooms,again he said yes. So we went upstairs onto the first floor, and when I looked at one of the rooms, I saw what has been sighted a women standing in front of me! I was really scared, so I told my grandpa I wanted to leave. This is my story and I've been scared of that hotel ever since. And I forgot to say my age in the beginning but I was 8 when this happened. This is only the beginning...

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