Haunting My Family

by Rayven Heath
(Sioux City, Iowa Unites States)

Hi, my name is Rayven. I am 16 years old and I live in Sioux City, Iowa... If you are on this page just to hear the lies about ghosts "hauntings" people have please do not read this.

My family, my mother, sister, and I; all have the same problem, we are haunted and fallowed by ghosts and spiritual energy. Growing up you'd think that you would have a happy life not for my family. Lets start with my mothers story.

She lived in a house in Riverside with her mother and sister and a dog named DJ. (I think...) The house had an upstairs a main floor and a basment. Now my mother is like me and likes to sleep in small rooms and spend time in her closet. She spent alot of time in her closet she could tell you everything about it still today with her eyes closed, but one day she went into her closet to read and she noticed a door... Being smart she did not open the door. Now you would think that it had to of been there before. Nope. Also in the winter they would close of the upstairs and sleep in the living room to save money. Knowing no one is upstairs her dog is sitting at the landing of the stairs wimpering and yelping and barking like no other, and you could clearly hear foot steps upstairs. A few days after that she had herd hammering noises and went to go find who was doing that, she found were it was comming from and saw the marks it was making but no one was in the room to be making the indents on the wall. Now, in the basment of that house they had a coat rack they would hang the coats up on, they had left the house to go on Thanksgiving Vacation. When they had come back the wall was missing, they had found Clay objects and Precious Moments and figured out were the water heater was that no one could find. Before they had moved into the house my grandma had a Native woman over and the woman was very attuned to spirits also. The woman had warned her not to move into this house it is very bad. In this house their was a swimming pool and it was spring time, my grandma sees the diving board moving thinking nothing of it she goes back to what she was doing untill kids came over sreaming "Davies in the pool!" They found him face first in the pool and got him out in time to save his life but now the man now has mental problems from drowning. a few days later the Native woman comes back to visit my grandma and this first thing she says it "That was supposed to be one of your daughters." They left that house but bad energy has still been following this
family and always will.
My mother worries me at times, she can see murders before they happen, this is why she hates that my little sister Alex is Wiccan. As a young girl my mom had seen three young kids trying to perform a sacrifice and all of the three children die. She hadent spoken of this dream, but in the news she had found the kids dead EXACTLY the way she had dreamed. My mother now does not let Wicca into our household, willingly.
Now its my turn to tell my story.
In my old house I lived in before this was a pretty bad timing when we had moved in, Alex, my mom, and I; my uncle had just passed away a few months before and I knew from the moment he had died he was fallowing us, watching us.
The first night in this new house i felt a rubbing on my back and a very light voice saying "Its ok, you can sleep now." It was Michael's voice. Waking up the next day I hear my sister telling my mother she had a bad experience in the shower, she had closed her eyes and a face came at her. And that she had been scratched on her back. Three scratches from sleeping in her room, now before moving in we had looked in her room and found an upside down pentagram in her closet. Nothing really happend more in that home other then Alex NEVER sleeping in her room. So that one wasnt bad. Now the house I live in now we get alot of activity. You DO NOT EVER go in the basment passed 10pm you will either have a broom thrown at you or you will be choaked. You can hear foot steps following you threw the entire place and may have your hair pulled or you back touched. In the attic is were my mom sleeps and their is a small room off of the stairs that has fuzzy stuff in it. Often you can hear a growling before entering my moms room. That attic is a world of its own. Last winter my mom had one of the rooms blocked of and at night you could see a man walking back and forth infront of it. That attic I hate so much in the moring beacuse I have been PUSHED down the stairs and had to have my sister get the bra, that was perfectly on my body before hand, out of my hair. You can hear boots walking across the ceiling in the living room and my kitten will not go into the bathroom alone because Kaylen makes the hair stand on her back. Kaylen is a good spirit we have come across, she likes to play with your hair in the bathtub. So this is what is happening now and what has happend in the past. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you.

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