Haunting in Turin,Georgia

by Danielle L R
(Tyrone, GA)

It all started with this little house out in Turin, GA... The house was mentioned to my mother, Jody. We were in desperate need of a place, my mom was a single mom working a minimum wage job trying to find something

full time.. After we all settled in around April '11.. The owner of the house mentioned the was extremely old from the early 1900's and there was a few properties around there where people had died..
For example, there is a large field diagonal from my house where a really old railroad used to be (it is no longer there now) and there was angry man who commited suicide by jumping infront of the train.. well there was also parts of a abandoned house
that sat across from me behind a few trees, where a elderly man in a wheel chair had burned alive.. I'm not sure why the fire started, strangly you would find sea shells all around the place and in the field where the man killed himself..
I never touched the sea shells.. something didn't feel right about them.. And Well, there was things that happened to other tenants that were a little off.. She told us the house we were moving into was her parents home.. where she grew up as a child, and she explained her Mom's
nickname was 'Shorty' because she was a very short woman.. and people had witnessed seeing her in a yellow dress..but we brushed them off.. after all its something we only saw in movies.. My mom & I were the only two the owner shared those stories with too.. And we didn't want to
scare anyone else so we agreed to just not say anything at all.. and pretend what she said wasn't anything..

We weren't even fully settled in when my boyfriend was in my room painting the window trim while my mom, sister and I were on the other side of the house in one room together talking, when I heared the paint brush drop and Michael (my boyfriend)
came running down the hall.. He didn't seemed too scared just startled. He went to the front door and looked through the door window and kept saying "Where did she go?" And I kept asking "Who?" He then opened
the door and stepped outside and began to speak a little loud as if he was speaking and looking for someone.. saying "Hey are you still out here? Do you need help?" And I kept telling him "Michael there isn't anyone outside!" And he looked around and he kept saying "Where did she go? I just saw her? I thought she needed some help."
And I looked him in the eye and asked "MICHAEL WHO?" And he looked at me and casually said " The lady outside, she was standing by your mom's car staring at me through the window.. "And I went along and casually asked "Oh really what was she wearing?" And he responded.. "a yellow dress.."
My heart dropped.. I felt like the room was spinning.. I was scared.. How did he know that? Why did he know that? No one told him about the woman.. I began to yell at him and called him a liar.. and he didn't
understand why I was so angry.. I just wanted to be sure he wasn't lying.. I was scared! .. I grabbed his arm and drug him to my mom.. I told him to tell her what he told me.. and he did and she told him not to lie to her and that it wasn't funny.. We sat him down and told him
the stories that the owner had told us.. He was shocked.. and being a "man" he just brushed it off.. and felt a little uneasy..

Soon after me my boyfriend and my mother were in the living room sleeping on the floor.. My mom was already sound asleep when Michael and I started to hear a soft moan and growl outside.. we got up and went toward the back door to look down at the basement..
and I felt scared so him and I went to the front of the house into one of the bedrooms and we were sitting in one of the empty bedrooms the door was left open and the hall light was on.. we didn't have any lamps so that was our only source
of light.. which was fine because we hadn't yet experienced anything in that room and we could still see... until the door started to very slowly start to close.. at first I thought I was just seeing things. I quickly turned to Michael and asked "Do you .." And he quickly cut me off and softly finished my sentence saying
"See the door closing.. Yes.." He said in a calm voice.. Why was he calm? I was freaking out.. I begged him to leave but he wouldn't .. he said he wanted to stay in that room.. he felt at ease.. like he was safe.. and he asked me to stay.. til it was almost half
way closed (and the weirdest part was you couldn't even hear the door closing.. mind you these doors were those really old antique white doors with the marble and metal door handle and key holes also extremly heavy doors that drug against the ground.. )
I begged my boyfriend softly to leave the room once again but he assured me that we were not being harmed to just relax .. I knew that but I was still terrified.. so I jumped up and
yelled to him "I don't want to know what happeneds once that door closes.. " And I left the room with him.

After those incidents.. no other kind of activity occured.. Until a few months later.. I was sick home alone all day and night.. I slept mostly during the day in my moms room.. and I got up went into the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly.. and as I was making it.. I was standing next to my cousins dog.. and I was just talking to him.. (Teddy and I were the only ones in the house at the time)
All of a sudden I heared some heavy foot steps.. Teddy stopped and looked toward the noise and looked back at me.. I wished, prayed and hoped that he didn't hear what I did.. but he did.. and he ran into the living room.. facing the hall where the noise came from and he just became
visious.. he snarled and growled and salyva came flinging out of his mouth.. Teddy was scared and angry at something.. that I couldn't see.. I didn't want to let the dog know I knew something was there so I pretended like he was crazy and kept saying.. "Oh silly teddy there isn't anything there! Your just crazy! It was probably wind!"
But no he wouldn't stop staring at whatever it was.. I grabbed my sandwhich and headed out of the kitchen to MY bedroom up the stairs.. and I didn't look back once.. Teddy thankfully followed me he wouldn't leave my side.. And as I laid in my bed watching TV..
about 20 minutes after.. I heared a noise outside of my window.. it sounded like the moaning noise I had heared before.. The creepy thing was the noise sounded like it came from below my window.. which underneath was the basement.. and suddently
heavy foot steps started coming up my stairs.. and they stopped when they reached the floor to my hallway.. Teddy then stood up and stood his ground in front of my and snarled the same way as he had done before..
I had never been so scared in my life.. but I was so thankful to have Teddy by my side.. I blocked the noise out and turned the tv louder.. I called my mom and cried to her I needed someone to be home with me ASAP!

I never wanted to stay home alone again.. I didn't wanna be in that house.. but I got over it and pretended it wasn't true.. Things somewhat calmed down after that.. My mom and cousins swore I was crazy.. by this time everyone knew my house was "haunted" I guess you could say
but no one would believe me.. especially my mom.. Until one night I was lying in my cousins room (the same room that had the door closing by its self) I was watching tv when suddenly a persons shadow moved acrossed the room and behind me.. I was freightened.. I yelled to my mom multiple times.. hoping she could hear me..
when I heared a soft female voice respond and say "What?" and the door knob softly moved once.. I thought this was my mom.. so I said "Can you come in here please!" And nothing.. no response.. I waited for the door to
open.. I was scared and didnt want to move when suddenly the door opened and my mom was freightened.. She explained that she was making a bowl of cereal when a dark shadow was looking at her and they duct down and ran passed the door way from the side of the hosue I was on and back into my bedroom.. This scared her
and I told her what happened to me at the same time! She was then believing me.. She was too scared.. I didn't understand it.. Why was this happening? Was it real?
After all of these events built up we finally told the owner.. and she brought a picture to my boyfriend and before she could mention who it was he blurted out.. "Thats the lady I saw watching me outside.. and she then told him the story "
I told her about what happened with me.. and she explained the footsteps I was hearing..was real.. This ghost bothered her too as a child but would never show hisself.. and that the footsteps actually started when they built the bedroom onto the house and her bedroom was my bedroom..

Eventually I grew tired of being afraid of even my own shadow and just blocked everything out.. when one night it was me, my sister, our friend jordan and her brother dalton.. we were all in my room when we heared loud stomping running around. we jumped into my bed and listened it was scattered but it was loud running on our roof and it wasn't a small animal either.. Jordan and I scared as ever peaked out the window a to try and see if it was a wild animal or something
that may have fallen out of a tree when all of a sudden someone ran on the roof once more and sounded as if they jumped off, banged on my window and took off.. but thing was we didn't see a single thing outside... And after that.. we never heared a single thing again..
We ended up leaving that house in Turin.. My cousin stayed and had two roommates move in.. I'm not sure if they have experienced anything.. but all I know I had never been more scared in my life...

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Feb 16, 2017
Response to Amber NEW
by: Danielle

Hi Amber,
My name is Danielle. I am the person who wrote this, and I just saw your comment. If you get this and I pray you do please email me! I am very interested in speaking with you.


Feb 02, 2017
Where is this located NEW
by: Amber

Hi! The description of this house sounds very similar to a house that my dad has told stories of (his grandmothers middle name was Short). Can you give me the address or a rough idea of the location?

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