Haunting in Arizona

by Hunter Sawyer

I had always known there was something weird about my house. The fact that you felt like you were being watched at every moment. Things would end up mission or be moved to another place. When we first moved in everything seemed to be fine. Things were going great, but there was one thing about the house. This room was a nightmare. I could never turn my back to the room. It felt like something wanted to grab you when you were walking away. My sister had always felt these things as well. When i was sleeping in my room. People would start walking around it. They did not want to hurt me, but it actually seemed like they were protecting me. When someone else went in my room without me being with them "something" didn't like them in there. Drawers would start opening and closing rapidly. A voice yelled at them to "get out!". Nobody liked being at my house because of this. In my sisters room, the walls would be black with spiders. They cam out of nowhere, and scared her to death. While sitting in the living room; I would literally watch things move from one place to another. Living in this house made me truly believe in spirits and ghosts

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