Haunted woods creepy story (July 29 , 2009)

by Todd
(Noblesville , In)

Hi my name is Todd! I am here to report a really haunted area off Allisonville road in the woods across from Wellington Bluffs. Their has been many sights of devil like worshipping in the area. I have done alot of research on this area and have found some very disturbing evidence of these claims being true! One includes of a young 14 boy and his mom died in a house fire on a sight which is now a mansion. I live on Kensington dr and have see many sights of people dancing around a fire and creepy music blaring from the woods. Many people say you can see the young boy riding his bike near the woods and laughing evilly. Another account says they have found graves that have been digging up from the ground. I don't know about you but these stories creep me out!

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