Haunted Mancave

by Lori J.

I once bought a haunted house in Southern Michigan, back in the mid 1990's, Altho it being haunted wasn't in the selling disclosure at the time. I had a cat that would perch herself on a bar in my finished basement and growl a deep guttural growl. At first I thought maybe she cornered a spider or cobweb, but after looking I found nothing. I always had an eerie dark feeling in my basement. No many how many lights I turned on, it always seemed dark. Lights would blow out all the time too. It was a beautifully finished basement, so there was no reason for this. One evening me and my boyfriend was watching a movie. It was about 11pm. We were home alone, watching the movie with all the lights off. Out of no where we heard CRASH, BANG, BOOM coming from the kitchen. My boyfriend jumped up and ran to the kitchen. He stood dumbfounded. I was scared out of my wits and instantly asked him what it was? He couldn't explain, he simply said 'you have to come see this'. I did, reluctantly. There were dishes all over. Flew out of my cupboards. I'm not talking about one or two that fell off a shelf or counter, no I'm talking dishes flew all over, some even across the room. We cleaned the mess and to this day still can't believe it happened. Then soon after, I found a mans drivers license right in the middle of my bedroom floor. A man I'd never met. I asked a neighbor if they knew the man. They instantly told me it was the prior owner. A man who committed suicide in the house by asphyxiation. They told me the basement was his mancave. Said he very rarely ever came out. Suffered manic depression. It all started to make sense to me, the eerie feelings in the basement, the cat growling at nothing, the dishes flying around, the electrical problems, it all came together. He was still there and wanted me OUT. I lived there 7 yrs before selling it and moving into the house I'm in now. I bet he's still there...

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