Hastings East Sussex

by Lily Foster
(Hastings, East Sussex, UK)

1. Two brothers inherited a casket-making business on The High Street from their father. They fought constantly, until one day one of the brothers vanished. The remaining brother told his neighbours that the missing brother had moved to London. For many years after, knocking and scratching sounds could be heard by passersby. Eventually the building was remodeled as a post office. While clearing out the attic of old caskets which had not been sold, the workmen felt something shift inside one of the caskets. The skeleton of the missing brother was found inside, along with scratch marks on the inside lid. The sounds were never heard again after that.

2. There was a watch maker and repairman who frequented The Anchor Pub, on George Street in the 1800's. Today, if you leave a broken watch on the bar overnight, when you return in the morning the watch will be working.

3. There is a house on The High Street where smugglers used to get their warning that the authorities were about, and that they should not land their boats. There was one window higher than the surrounding houses, where a lantern would be placed to give the message, and it could be seen from the water. Today one can still occasionally see lantern light in that window.

4, 5, 6. http://youtu.be/88Z-Itvjhi4

There are lots of other ghost stories in this area, but I can't remember any others at the moment. I'll post more later. I'll also try to remember to take some photos of these areas and send those as well. "Haunted Hastings" by Tina Lakin is full of wonderful stories about this area. The 4,5,6 above is something my husband and I wrote based on the Hastings ghost stories. I understand you probably won't use that, but thought you might enjoy it anyway.

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