Hashmoore High school Ghost!

by Stevie Jones
(New York/ USA)

When i first started Hashmoore High School, I was told there was a group of friends, Annabella Stuart, Charlie Crystal, Lilly Jenkins and Adam Evans who went up to the school attic for fun, they were all found dead, eaten, no one has ever been in there since.

I walked inside my classroom, all heads turned towards me, I walked to my seat and sat down, there was a new kid in my class, she had long black hair with brown eyes, my bestmates Eve and Johnny came inside, they both looked at the girl, she turned her head towards me and smiled, it sent this weird feeling through my body, our teacher came inside.
'Students, this is Annabella Stuart' he told us pointing towards the girl, Johnny looked at me, Annabella Stuart was one of the girls who got killed, I looked at the girl again.
'Stevie, Are you okay?' Mr James asked, I nodded slowly keeping my eyes at the girl, she looked at me and winked.
'Come on, it's been almost 50 years since those kids died, I say we go there and stayed overnight' Talullah said, we were walkiing home, by we i meant, Tuallah, Johnny, Eve, David and I, they were begging me to come along with them to the haunted attic in our school.
'If you're scared, i'll hold you hand' Johnny said squezzy my hand, everyone bursted out laughing, i punched his stomach.
'Come on then, i'll meet you guys there at midnight' i said, i walked inside my house, i live with my dad and younger sister, our mom died a couple of years ago, when i started Hashmoore high, i sat down and started watching tv, waiting for the time to past.
The time finally came, i grabbed my bag and headed out, i told my dad i was staying over at Eve's house, i walked towards my school and found David sitting there, he smiled and walked towards me.
'I wanted to wait for
you' he said, we walked up he stairs, the whole school was cold, we went upstairs and found everyone there, we laughed talked, ate untill we heard footsteps and talking, we all looked at each other scared, the door opened and stod there was Anabbella with Four other kids, we all relaxed, untill Annabella screamed and jumped on me, i punched her and got up, i turned to look at Annabella she was gone, i looked around at everyone, there were staring at something, it was Talluah she was dead, Eve screamed, Annabella and the two other kids were standing with a knife.
'What are you doing Annabella, Who are those people?'Eve shouted.
'I was killed here 50 years ago, i came back to find some stupid kids who are willing to come here, i guess i came on time' she said, i got up and jumped on her.
'RUN!' I shouted at everyone, they all got up and ran, i got up and started running but Annabella held my leg, she stabbed me repeatly, i passed out.
I woke up in the hospital, my dad and little sister Terri was there, he hugged me tight.
'how long was i here?' i asked, he had a beared, Terri grew up, he looked at Terri.
'4 years, we thought you were never going to come round' he told me, David walked inside the room, he hugged me, i started crying.
'She killed them' he told me.
'How did you get out?' i asked.
'I tried to help, but she jumped on me, i pushed her off and ran up to the actticm i saw you lying there with a pool of blood, i picked you up and ran down the stairs, i looked everywhere for the other, i found them all, i grabbed Eve and Johnny, i got lift to the hospital, when i was getting out, there bodies wasn't there, only yours' he told me, i cried the whole night, couldn't sleep or eat...

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