harris cemetary monroe ga

by Timothy Joseph Peckinpaugh
(Monroe Ga)

When i was younger i was driving back roads in Monroe....mostly because i like adventure. Anyway..i saw a sign marked Harris cemetery off the main road. I pulled down a dirt gravel mixed road and found this.

On the right side was the oldest portion i have ever saw. some headstones dated at far back as 1888. on the left was a more modern cemetery inside a fence. I was so fascinated and attracted to this place so much that i continued to visit it. One day i was walking around in a part absolutely overgrown with trees and forest. Inside was a above ground container. I was fascinated because the concrete slab was 3 inches off its foundation. It was dark and i could not see in. I was tired and assumed it was empty so i sat on it to rest. This was day time mind you. I was not thinking about ghosts so much as what life would have been like back then.
Suddenly thousands of butterflies or months came out of the tomb and fluttered all over me. I was fascinated until it felt like they were biting me. I am sure they cant bite but i felt it. I went to my car and left.
Something continued drawing me back there.
It was day again so i was sitting in my car when i swore i heard a little boy crying. I was thinking other things were happening besides ghosts, more like a little kid was hurt in the woods or something. So I left the car and walked along another dirt road that let through the wood covered plots looking for the source of the noise. The road wound out of the main cemetery into secluded area that contained hunter shacks in trees. No one was there so i started back to the main cemetery. as i first entered the old portion i was drawn to a stone covered in weeds. I knelt down and moved the weeds away from the stone. It read Here lies beloved son Joseph ....cant remember the last name.....who drowned in a crick.He was ten. It actually said crick. not creek.
Now i was more than just fascinated.
a few days later ,i ventured back to the cemetery it was nearly 7 pm so i knew light was fading. on the ground i saw the remained of a bon fire and a lot of beer bottles. I was angry..real angry because to me this was sacrilege, I decided to wait until dark with my lights off
to see if these idiots would be back. I wanted to see what they were doing.
So it gets dark.
I am sitting in the car.
Something starts to feel really strange.
Prickles up my body not to unlike what investigators say now.
Something dark went by my window and startled me i jerked around but no person was there.
I rolled down the window and peered out
I slowly quietly opened the car door and stepped out. The once calm and mesmerizing cemetery was different now. I know it was a feeling but it was reel to me. I was suddenly afraid to venture farther than my car. I stood there looking out towards what would be the wooded covered cemetery. A sound of breaking limbs. A rustle of the trees.
I leaned into the car and switched on the headlights thinking i would light up teenage bon fire making ass holes. That is far from what happened.
In the lights of the car i saw dark shaped moving along the cometary path. around the place i now termed butterfly attack zone, The lights of the car traveled right through the shaped onto the stones behind them.
I am not going to lie ,every bone in my body wanted to get the hell out of there but i was frozen solid. Something moved beside me i felt it and saw it and then it was gone that fast. That is when my brain was finally over ridden and i jumped in my car and got the hell out of there.
Now it is several years later. With all the new shows on tv about ghost hunters paranormal all that i learned a little more. I would go back with equipment and get proof of what i saw and felt.
It was gone.
I mean the whole cemetery seemed to just be gone. No entrance no sign nothing. I even tried to find it on Google earth.
If you can find this place you will be glad you did. You will get lots of activity there. But i really want to go. I must go.
By the way for some stupid reason i ended up changing my middle name from Wayne to Joseph.
When i did that i wasn't even thinking of the Joseph from the cemetery until my mother brought it up. I think it effected me so deeply that i changed my name to honor the child who drowned in the "Crick".
Try to find it please and let me go with you.
Timothy Joseph Peckinpaugh

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