Harpeth Middle School - Kingston Springs Tennessee

by James
(Kingston Springs TN Cheatham County)

In December 1982, my 11 year old cousin Angela was riding with her mother and her 13 year old brother Robert, on the way to her basketball game. Her mother lost control of the vehicle and it overturned into the river in 10 feet of water. My cousin Robert was able to pull himself and his mother out of the vehicle but unfortunately not Angela and she drowned locked in her seatbelt.

When my daughters, started school at Harpeth Middle a couple of years ago, they came home to tell me all about the ghost at their school named Angela. Surely I thought this couldn't be my cousin who attended the same school some 30 years ago. As the days went on the more stories they told about about this ghostly girl who would appear in the gym, basketballs being dribbled when no one was in the gym, strange power outages at the same time every year and voices and whispers in the stairwell when students were alone in this hallway.

Strangely, faculty and staff have embraced this ghostly phenomenon. They have left her locker entact (no one is allowed to use her locker since she passed) and everyone seems to have their own stories about the ghost named Angela.
Some people have claimed to have seen her sitting in the stands during basketball games still wearing her old jersey.

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