Gulf Harbors, New Port Richey, FL

by Rhiannon
(Gulf Harbors - New Port Richey, FL)

Last night, New years Eve - 12/31/2010 at 11:23pm, my fiance and I were out in the backyard. Our rental home is right on the canal. We were looking at the water and all of a sudden, directly above - maybe 40 feet above the water in the air was a red glowing ball - looked like fire. It was moving slow, but in a complete horizontal direction. My fiance and I thought it could be a piece of firework but there wasn't anyone in the immediate area setting any off - just miles away in other neighborhoods in the distance. It was right directly in front of us high above the water. It kept moving at a slow pace completely straight down the canal. It was heading past our neighbours house and we took pictures of it and attempted it on video (it was pretty far by then). The red flame did not flicker, slower or stay off course. It was a constant glowing light. It was almost as if someone had a string in the sky and was dragging it in front of us. It kept moving towards the Gulf, then, it went in an upwards direction into the sky at a 30 degree lift. It continued until it was as far as the stars.

Almost right before midnight, we were in front of the tv, all the lights flickered and the tv shut off. We looked at one another and then looked out back towards the same area through our glass doors. There was another. It did the same EXACT thing, moving in the same direction, same pace.

We have no idea what it is but we were freaked out enough I called my mother and was going to report it. I googled the area and found there have been a lot of red orb sightings. I got the chills and have had a bad feeling for the last two days. Then, this happens; we dont know what it was but it was unusual and worrysome.

When thinking about the last few days, we had an instance the night before. My room mates room had heard noises coming from it. It's always freezing in there for some odd reason. We have to get
the landlord out to see why no heat goes in there. Anyways, her cat runs out with its ears parted. Goes straight for the living room couch and under. Wouldn't come out. I was in the kitchen, heard noises. Ran to my fiance in my bedroom, he then came to the kitchen. A few seconds later we both heard it. It was weird enough that he didn't feel comfortable enough investigating whether it was an animal or not. Later, when she came home, they both went in and there was nothing.

On Xmas Eve, my fiance and I decided to open one (stupid) present from eachother. Mine to him was a telescope. We tested it in the backyard. It was freezing that night. We couldn't see much and I was looking with the naked eye as he was trying to find and focus on a star. All of a sudden, at the same moment he goes - "holey s***!". I said "what, do you see the same thing? there's a plane about to hit a star". But deerrr, it was way too high to be a plane and it did not flicker, it was a red ball like Mars or something but moving slowly. It was moving towards two stars but hit the one on the left and they all then disapeared. We were FREAKED. My mother, who I called that night also, said there are meteor showers so we thought that was it. Cool. We made a wish in case it was a shooting star. Except.. how did they hit eachother and how did all three disapear after? This was really high up in the sky, as high as the stars themselves. I saw with my own eyes and my fiance through the telescope.

My fiance has seen orbs before in his old apartment. It had a strange vibe there and was located on Alto St. next to the river. He has seen one orb in our room here at our rental home on Gulf Harbors.

I don't ever see anything but I feel vibes. We both definately saw the orbs or fire or whatever it was clear as day on NYE and on Xmas Eve.

Can someone tell us what they were????

- RM & DS

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