Guardian Angel?

by By Bridget

It felt like just another ordinary night. At least this had been the new ordinary for the past few weeks. I had been feeling more confident lately that nothing would come to me at night because a friend of mine had told me to say a prayer every night before I went to bed. It worked, but that night, because of my lack of fear, I forgot about a prayer. I laid on my bed, not intending to go to sleep, so I left the light on. I wanted to finish reading a book I borrowed from the library.

Once I had finished reading, I set the book on my dresser and just laid there looking at the ceiling thinking about the ending. Usually, after finishing a book, I feel depressed because the adventure is over, so I just laid there.
After a while, I started feeling a little afraid. I don't exactly know how I knew, but I knew something was there, standing in the middle of my room.
For some reason, when I close my eyes I can see how big they are. It's hard to explain, but I think that is their energy that I can see.
This one was pretty big. It was like he was wearing a cloak, but for some reason I saw him as hunched over. I think if his back wasn't hunched over, his head would have barely touched the ceiling.
Surprisingly, this was the first time I was ever thinking clearly when something like this came. The idea came to me to say that prayer. It was like a lightbulb suddenly started working. I truly felt hopeful, but less than a second before I even could say it in my mind, he interrupted.
He told me something without words. The words that can best describe what he told me are, "You don't want to do that."
My fear flared up again, and the fact that I could feel his amusement at my fear didn't help at all.
For the next hour, we just stayed still. It was like a staring contest except I was looking at my bedroom door instead of directly at him. I don't remember much after that because I fell asleep.

The next night, I could feel his presence, but this time I said a prayer before I got in bed. At first it didn't seem like it helped. He was still there. I said the prayer repeatedly in my head until a calming feeling swept over me. "You'll be all right." That's what this new person said.
It felt like the other one backed away, but he was still in the same place. His presence just wasn't as strong.
The cloaked being stayed in my room for a week, but the other person was there every time I said a prayer.

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