Grove Apartment Complex, Redlands California

by Daniel Estavez
(Redlands, California, USA)

I have lived in Redlands most of my life and I can say with all seriousness that it is definitely haunted. I cannot prove this story, nor do I want to, because it is too scary, to be honest. My mother told me about this when I was young in the 80s, though, and I do not think that she would have lied to me just to frighten me.

Anyway, there is a story that, in the sixties, many satanic cults started to develop in Redlands, because supposedly there were already many ghosts and malicious spirits haunting the city for over one hundred years. Some of these groups moved into the Grove Apartments in order to live close to surrounding orange groves, in which they would mutilate and sacrifice animals. I remember that the members wanted to live in the apartments numbered 6, 9, and 12, because those numbers are significant in their practices. They also would perform satanic rituals within the apartment complex. Well, after a few months of living there, the residents of each of those apartments actually committed suicide, for reasons that no one is sure of. Everyone's guess was always that a demon or Satan visited them and began to haunt them or convince them to kill themselves.

Now, decades afterward, I was always warned to stay away from the complex, especially after dark. I once had a coworker of mine who lived at the Grove Apartments, and she had told me on several occasions that neighbors who lived in apartments 6 and 9 and 12 would come and then move out after only a few weeks or months, complaining of ghosts, footsteps inside, muttering voices, etc. So I definitely believe the Grove Apartments may be haunted.

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