Greer sc billie

by Billie sheldon
(mattawan mi)

I was livein in my great grand mas house she she was dieing and she was moved in a nurseing home well one day she told my mom her daughters to put me in her old room I was about 16 at the time and I went to the nurseing home I said I love her she said I love you tooo and i'll miss you and see you soon this was way before she passed and before I was moved in her old room then the frist night I was in there I was writeing a friend and my lil sister I started to get tired so I put stuff away got ready for bed . I got in bed truned out my light the room started to get hot so I kick off the covers then I heard some thing callin my name over and over and it sound so evil but not sure and I didn't know if ghost could talk it was 80 out side the windows were closed and my brother he was sleeping in the attic so was my mom my brother is mentality changed he cant talk very well so I knew it wasn't him and it wasn't my mom . and no one would come around the house with our dogs out side . well any ways it sound like nails across a chalk board or dry leaves going across the street and I asked it what it wanted and to leave me alone because I was trying to sleep it laugh my bed started to shake then some thing grabed my ankle and tried to pull me off the bed the room felt so cold I screamed for my mom and she came and truned my light on and she could see my breathe

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