Green Valley,AZ

by Jon McDonald
(Green Valley,AZ 85614)

I worked for a cleaning company back in 1989 our client was The Country Club of Green Valley which was founded in 1970. I was working the late shift cleaning the kitchen one night at around 11pm at night. My back was facing the door to the dining room about 25 feet when I heard footsteps of a woman in high heels. A woman with a clear voice said to me " Good Evening " and she continued walking past me as I turn around and saw nothing and the footsteps stop near a wall near back of kitchen. I thought it was someone who worked there and was checking on me. Doors were locked like they should be. No one there but me. I told my boss when he came back later that night and he was not surprised by what I had said. He told me late one night he open the front door and heard music, laughter and talking from the bar area and could see the lights on. He thought there was a party and had not been told. He went to the bar area and the lights, music, talking stopped . Nothing was there or on. It scared him very bad he said. I still hear that voice to this day in my head.

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