Greeley, 1605 reservoir road

by Taylor burback
(greeley, co)

Me and my family moved to greeley in december of 2000 and had lived in the glenmere park area for several years. Our family had moved residences several times for many different reasons but the final house we resided in had given us all an eerie feeling for the 4 years that we lived there.

None of our experiences in other houses had any of the following problems. The quaint frank lloyd wright copy was complete in the 1960's with a large viewing deck, a large back yard, indoor pool and half basketball court. Great neighborhood and backed up into the park and was close to school so my parents bought the house for the convenience of me and my brother being close to everything. In the time that I lived there the worst experiences of my life happened. My father was a healthy man and was diagnosed with cancer, and lead to anger problems and financial instability. my grandparents had both died on my mothers side, and even a motorcyclist crashed and lost their life in my front yard. My mother had a terrible down point in her life that lead to hospitalization, and was even told by her counselor to leave the house because she had known a previous resident that would speak of terrible things. She wouldn't say why for confidentiality purposes but she said there was something evil. Towards the end of my residence ay the 1605 reservoir road house my dad had contracted a deadly disease after his cancer was l looking up, and died atthe age of 44. My mother never told me her dorey until after we left and she told me of a dark figure that she saw in one of the mirrors in my room and had the house blessed while I was at school. When she told me of her experience I couldn't help but wonder. One night while I was trying to fall asleep, I was having the sliding glass for to the backyard and saw a dark black figure just appear right in front of me on the other side of the glass. Since I've moved out I have had the image engraved into my mind of this evil black figure. The house was for sale for three years until it finally sold. It was sold as is with a colony of bees in the attic, all of the pipes in the house had burst and flooded the main floor deeming it unsafe to walk on, and had contained black mold in the basement by the pool area. Good luck to the current owner. The demons in this house will change your life forever. There are 6 previous owners that have ask had very negative things happen in their life during their occupancy.

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