Greater portland

by Mikayla jackson ( book was haunted Maine by Charles A. Stansfield Jr.)
(Maine )

Right in the heart of portland lies the old eastern cemetery. Only six acres in size, it is a very crowded cemetery. Among many allged ghosts, to stand out out, for they seem ro be engaged in an eternal argument. The two phantoms are dressed in naval uniforms, but one uniform is an american, and the other is british. They roar at one another unintelligibly, gesturing angrily. Clearly, it is a heated argument. Tjeir midnight confrontations always end abruptly if a living soul approaches, in which time the contenders simply evaporate from their perches atop their tombstones.

In life, they were enemies, and both died fighting one another during the war of 1813. One of that wars most desicive naval battles took place off Monhegan on September 5, 1813 , when the US Enterprise engaged the British Boxer. Lt William Burrows comanded Enterprise. Capt.Samuel Blythbwas in command of the Boxer. It was a furious battle at close quaters, during which both commanders were killed. Enterprise won and brought defeated British ship into Portland as a prize war. The two gallant commanders were buried side by side with full military honors.
But each finds it difficult to rest in peace buried next to its opponent. The argument still goes on.

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