by Rose Gasak
(Buffalo, NY......USA)

I was taking pictures of some trees one after the other to see if I could capture some orbs. When I went back to see them while still on the camera I was surprised to see that a full figure ghostly cloud was slowly appearing as I clicked on and on and the last shot was of a full formed ghost with a cone head and wings. I wasn't expecting that, but was not afraid just curious.I showed it to a few people who got scared and didn't want to look at it. Another time I was on The Sullivan's Ship at the Buffalo NY Naval Base and was taking pictures on all the ships. When I looked at them later (still on the camera) in one picture was a sailor from the waist up doinf his job at the helm. He was almost there in full, only a very little transparent. He was blond, blue eyed , about 19 , and smiling. He had his white cap on and blue slacks with the stripe down the sides and the white Nave top with big collar. I made an appt. with an Admeral at the base a few days later to show him the pictures. He kept them , but when I called him back in a few days he told me I took a picture of a real sailor in that spot. It was not a real sailor , I was in that room all by myself, there were no dummy type sailors anywhere on the Base.

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