Granger, Washington..... The Old Thompson place

by Crissy

I'm not giving out the names of the people who went there. My sister and my 2 brothers one night were talking about how they used to go to this amazing place 10 years ago. That night they got ready and headed down there. It was dark, and foggy out...go figure....they headed down there for a few pics. The place was owned by these people up the road, but they wont go near it and people aren't aloud in it. The place had been trashed and tagged by gangsters, windows broken, ceiling torn down, It was a mess. Anyways my sister and brothers had arrived there and were taking pic and videos of what it looked like in the inside...all of a sudden they had caught a glimpse of something in the frames of the old bedroom.....something abnormal. They wouldn't dare go in the basement...because it could collapse on them. They had came home and showed up the footage of what they took. Some say that place used to be a tourist and or tax payers place....there are still old checks and stuff left behind.

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