Grandparents house

by Sharon
(Amarillo tx)

I think that my grand parents house is haunted by ghost.The house was in good care it was own by a family that had it for many years.The man that owned the house gave too my grand parents because my grand dad had been a good worker for him for many years.My grand parents lived there until after my grand dad passed away and my grandma still lived there after he passed.I don't know if it's my grand dad or who it is.After he died my grand mother didn't want to sleep in the master bedroom anymore.She gave it to my mom,and she moved to one of the smaller rooms on the end of the house.I had the room next to my mother's and then there was a bathroom between me and my grand mother's room.One night I was laying on the floor in my mom's room and I fell asleep,and when I woke up there was this dark skinned man bent standing over me and he was smiling at me.I jumped up and woke up my mom,she said that I was just dreaming and we went back to bed.I layed there all night thinking about what I had saw.The second time something happen was on Memorial Day.I had left and went out of town and when I got back,no one was at the house.They were all out at the cemetery.The person that I was with had to go.I begged him not to go,he told me just watch tv and wait for the rest of the family to get back.I went in the house I opened the back door so the light could shine in.And i was sitting on the end of the couch were I could see the door.There was this old time tea cart with

wheels that my grand mother had put this big large microwave on it.And after she did she couldn't move it.Well it moved that day by itself.I jumped up and ran out the house and didn't come back in until the they came back.I told grandma but nobody believed me.The last straw was the night we all had went to bed,and my mother called me to her room,she told me that she was locking for her tv controller and that something threw it to her and it hit here leg.We laughed it off and went to I was about to lay down I hear footsteps being drug from my moms room through my room to the bathroom.Then I would hear it come back through going to my mom's room.About 1am I was awaken to my grandmother speaking and mumbling in her sleep I called her,but she wouldn't stop so I got up and bang on her door and she woke up.the next day she didn't remember doing it.I told here that I would be getting me an apartment it was two blocks away.A month passed and I was at my apartment and I kept smelling this smell like embalming liquid,and it was strong.Well we have a funeral home a couple of blocks I thought that was were it was coming from.I left and went to my grandma's the closer I keep getting to her house it gets stronger.And I followed the smell right to her house to a closet in thte master bedroom.We took everything out and found nothing and then the smell vanished.My friend said that it was an evil or a spirit moving it.My grandmother has moved out so that the house can be fixed.Tv's that don't work come on by them selves.

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