by Jude
(Ogden, Utah)

I have a lot of paranormal activity..Things flying through the air..Tv turning on by itself even had Paranormal team of Utah here before, etc. My question is this...because I have paranormal activity, I set up cameras all over the house. In my bedroom (about 5 or 6 times only) I have seen so many orbs (thousands and thousands) raining down so fast and so hard it look like a snow blizzard. My house is extremely clean and it is newly remodeled. No dirt flying around here. You could not see them with the naked eye .. only in the camera. The furnace was not on (I checked in case it was blowing something out). If it was outside I would question it but being inside my house...the only thing I can think of is it's a protal of some type. There are active spirits in my home. Good ones!! What do you think?

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