Grand Forks North Dakota The Fire Hall Theater

by John Smith
(Grand Forks ND)

Multiple people, including myself, have heard obvious foot steps upstairs when no other person is in the building. Items such as light fixture gels have fallen out of fixtures when no abnormalities with the light fixture have been found. Shadows can be seen, appearing to walk, on opposite side of theater doors when no other person is in the theater or not on the other side of the doors.

The Fire Hall theater was the first fire department in Grand Forks. It is my understanding that was built and established in 1906.

The building has been re-purposed as a community theater. We believe it is one of the firemen that used to work there that is haunting the building. Perhaps still watching over the building. The ghost does not appear to be violent.

At times when props cant be located, we can sometimes yell out to the ghost to help us find it and that usually helps.

I plan to do an investigation there with another member of the theater who has an emf detector and digital recorders. We do not think it will be hard to communicate.

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