Gore Cemetery, North Oxford, MA

by Ralph

The year was 1947 and I was 15 years old. It was October and the weather was quite brisk. I had gone to Worcester earler in the day and returned by bus to Rochdale late that night, the nearest town to my home. I had a mile walk to get home and had to pass Gore Cemetery which was on my way. As I approached to within a couple hundred feet of the cemetery outer walls I noticed a white wispy form floating over the gravestones. I at first thought it was my imagination and looked away. But when I looked back the wispy apparition was still there. I was never a track star but I know I broke the all race records of the day. It was shortly thereafter that a police officer was in the area on a report from a neighbor in the area that had seen some unusual happenings. I knew what he had seen but never told anyone about it. In fact this is the first I have mentioned it in over 65 years.

As a young man I spent many hours in the local woods. I camped out at night by myself
and never had any apprehensions of being alone at night. But this thing I witnessed really shook me.

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