Goodrich, MI - Reid Elementary

I was finished up at the end of the night after cleaning and sitting alone on the steps near the gym doors. I was looking towards the gym doors when out of nowhere there is the sound of kids voices. It only lasted a second, but I clearly heard it. I was completely alone in the building.

I have heard stories of a ghost boy walking around outside. I have witnessed objects moving or falling for no apparent reason. Other people have also told me the same kind of thing.

The building was built back in the 50s and was a high school at one point. I have seen a plaque on the wall about a child that had died in the 80s and it was memorializing him.

I don't know too much else about the history, but this building has alot of antique parts original to the building. The fire-alarms, extiguisher cases, school bells, bleachers and lockers are all very old.

There is alot of potential for stored energy in all of the old materials.

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