Good Shepherd Hospice Auburndale Florida

by Para Daughter
(Auburndale Florida)

In August 2012 my mother died. She was a 10 day patient of Good Shepherd in Auburndale. While I was there at 3 a.m., I witnessed something I cannot rationally explain.

Behind the nurse's station are double doors to the outside patio. Visitors gather, and patients sit in their wheelchairs. A steel rail wraps the view facing a beautiful lake. By dinnertime all patients are in their rooms for the night.

At 3 a.m. the dimly light corridor leads to the deserted nurse's station. I pause for a moment to look at the overhead security camera screens. There is one I can see, that is momentarily trained on the patio. On the monitor, I can clearly see someone sitting in a wheelchair near the rail facing the lake. "That's odd, I thought, this late"? I took a dozen steps to my right rounding he nurse's station and stepped out to the patio. No one was out there.

I mentioned this to a nurse the following day. We both agreed there'd been plenty folks sitting there looking at the lake before they died at Good Shepherd.

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