Glenwood, IA about 5 miles from town, out in the country.

by Laura

In 1978, my husband and I moved into a farm house. It was small, but cute. It did not take long to realize that something is not right with the area. At night, you could hear a lot of people whispering, but you could not understand a word they would say. I always had the feeling that I was being watched, but never saw anything. However, when I slept, I would have night terrors. Never had them before I moved into the house, and never had them after I left that house. The place felt evil to me. The most chilling night terror I had was waking up screaming after I saw my brother. He came to tell me he had died. He was in the Navy at the time. I had no idea the sub he was serving on had gone to the bottom of the sea. He lived, but the night terror had me believing that he was dead. I never even knew something like that had happened until he made it back into port and told us. Also, I found out that the area was known to attract witch covens, and, unfortunately, gypsies. The witch covens are the most worrisome. I was told they did animal sacrafices. Whatever they did, they may be responsible for unleashing something evil in that area and in that house. I am glad to be gone from there.

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