Girl at the beach

by varun

It was a nice day for me so i thought of visiting the beach. I was sitting watching the sun set. I was able to hear children playing, sound of the waves, people talking as they pass around me. I was enjoying the view of sun disappearing into the sea. I was in peace i closed my eyes to enjoy the peace of mind. But suddenly i felt like some one was standing in front of me. I opened my eyes a young little girl was standing in front of me. She was very cute like an little angel. She was wearing a blue dress had curly hair n little blue shoes. She seemed scared n she had tears in her eyes. I looked at her face n asked her what happened why r u crying little angel. She said in a low voice i wanna go home i cant find my mom. I realised that she might be lost so i comforted her telling dont worry i will take u home. I asked her whats her name she said amulya .I asked where did she last seen her mom. She said that she dont remember she was asleep near that rock pointing towards the rock n when she woke up her mom was not there. So i asked did ur mom bring u to the beach she said yes that they were sitting near the rocks n she fell to sleep. So i thought there was something wrong but still i asked her that does she know the address or were her home is. She said its faraway from here n she does not know the way back. So i asked her further questions to know anything about her mom or where she leaves but it was of no use. I thought its better to inform the police. So i took her to the near by police station in my car, I stopped the car infront of the station she fell a sleep as we reached the police station so i left her in the car n i moved towards the police station. Police

station was an old one. Walked in n started to tell the constable about the girl. He stopped me n pointed towards the inspector n said tell him about it. I walked towards the inspector n explained everything. He asked me to bring the girl in i stood up n turned around to walk outside to my car. Suddenly i stopped because i something on inspectors table. I took a closer look at it. It was a pic of same child who is in my car. I told the inspector that . Inspector was shocked he said that its impossible that cant be her . I told him no it is her she right outside sitting in my car. Inspector n me rushed towards the car. To surprise there was no girl in my car. I called out her name amulya i looked around she was not there. Inspector asked constable to look nearby is there any little girl who is alone. I told the constable that she was wearing a blue dress. The inspector came near me n asked was she wearing blue shoes i was kinda shocked because i never told him about what girl was wearing . I asked him how do u know that . He asked me to follow him he took me to near by hospital . We walked towarder the morgue i followed him. We stopped near dead body. He pulled sheet down to expose the face of the body i looked at body n i shocked n scared at the same time i just couldnt belive my eyes it was the same girl. She was wearing the same blue dress. I was not able to talk for couple of mins. After sometime when i was normal i asked the police whats all this. He said that her body was found from the same beach were i was today in the evening. Her cause of death was poisoning. I asked him who poisoned her . He said that she was poisoned by her mother.......

I hope u guys enjoyed this story. This is a pure work of fiction.

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