Gilbreath Goosebumps

by Unknown
(Mosheim,TN, in the United States)

When my uncle was about five he was playing in his closet and then he saw a black man appear before him. The man slammed the closet door shut. My uncle was found screaming and pounding on the door trying to get out.

Nobody believed him, but you could see the fear in his eyes. Till this day my uncle swears that the man was there and he kept him from opening the closet doors. He is still terrified to sleep in that room and he is now thirteen.

Me and my mom stayed in my grandma's house and slepted in the room above that one. I had a hamster ball on the top shelf. While me and my mom were about to fall asleep we heard the ball drop to the floor and roll under the bed. Then, we heard childish footsteps run to the other side f the bed and the little girl pushed the ball under the bed to the other side.

Frantically,my mom grabbed her cell phone for a source of light. She faced it toward where my hamster ball would be. The ball was untouched. My mom slepted with the lights on from then on.

Another occurenced happened with my step-dad. All of a sudden he had a cold chill up his back. He then felt pararlized. My mom was trying to get his attention, but he was blank. This woman appeared to him and they had a complete conversation with each other. She was speaking about the history of my grandma's house. After he was out of the daze my mom asked him what had happened. And he told her.

Soon after we were scared we got curious. We started to look up the history and there was a little girl named Elizabeth. The woman was relations and my grandma's house was an old plantation.

Some places of the house my grandma wouldn't dare to go in, like the attic or the basement. She choose to ignore it ,but those people still remain trapped within the house including the slaves.

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