ghostly orb movement

by Mark G.
(Milton, WV, U.S.A.)

Hi Everyone:-)

After posting this video I was able to have this nice person contact me about removing all the activity from the house due to the grandkids . After the Medium left we have experianced nothing. In fact I feel a great loss it feels as though a friend or friends have left. The Medium explained to me the need to let go of them. So all these years of feeling this well you know if you have ever felt it :( gone! So all the videos and recordings have stopped . I have had lots of other's tell me that it was light reflections, flashlights, something we were doing to create these videos. Well to all of you NUTS as was the reply in WW2. I do feel like I am crazy after all this , but at least we know what we know . Thanks to Haunted Hovel for posting these videos and pic. You were a place to come when everybody was SAYING you are CRAZY! It is nice to have somebody that well take you for real!. Thanks and please continue to send me your ideas. I guess hopefully we are through with this chapter in our lives. We have had no incidents for over 3 months now. Thanks Mark G.

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