Ghost photographed in 1977 trailer

we bought this 1977 california style trailer in willow point trailer park...i caught two ghosts on my camera in my hallway..i don"t have any way to make it larger w/o making the images worse.but they can be clear enough to see...if anyone knows a woman with a short green dress,white belt around her waist ,black wavey hair..please i need to know her name and when she died,their is also a man ghost...also cant make out the other one(friend?)i live on orchard st. and i have a slight gift..i see my ghost cats on my porch now and then(got pics) and have caught some of their pics in my kitchen...all i know is the grounds in this area used to once be a camping site..if anyone is interseted in seeing my pics,or can fix them better,my email address,or you can friend me on fb,with this email..i really need closer.

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