Ghost on the USS Hornet Alameda California

by carolann
(vallejo ca)

Hi my name is CC I am the founder of Soulseekers Paranormal Research we are located in Vallejo California. About a year ago me and another member went to see the USS Hornet in Alameda Ca. We decided to go down to the Berthing area. At the time we were the only ones down there we started hearing loud banging comming from above us. Ran up the ladder and no one could be seen. So I decided to take out my video recorder and we caught what looks like a Navy man walking very fast in the camera. Not only did we catch him you can hear him go by then what sounds like two steps with combat boots on. Well I put this video on you tube and people kept saying it was the chain. we knew better. So a good investigator will try to debunk what they got if you can. So we picked a date and away we went back to the USS Hornet. Took out camera filming where I stood the last time I caught another werid thing running by this time fast if you blink you would miss it. Froze it and it looks like a giant light rod. Also we got alot of EVP's. I would say this is one of the most haunted places I have ever investigated!!

My video's can be seen on youtube handle name wictoria1000. Enjoy!!

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