Ghost of Georgetown

by Para Daughter

My husband and I purchased a haunted house. We didn't know it at the time but honestly it had all the markings. The day we closed on the property we started renovations. Within days I heard the thumping of footsteps running overhead. As time went on the activity increased. We said nothing to our two children. When we finally moved in the eldest was 10 and the youngest 2.

As the children grew, my husband and I became accustomed to our spiritual friends' routine. Sometimes I'd acknowledge the (dead) farmer stomping up the stairs - I knew back in 1910 resided there. Most of the time we adopted a "just ignore that" attitude. By the time the oldest son was 18 he jacked up the music on his stereo so he would not hear the activity. He was the family skeptic and rolled his eyes when I acknowledged our spiritual squatters.

When my son was 20 he and a lady friend made weekend plans to at Washington, DC, Georgetown Best Western. After a long day of sightseeing they fell into bed at midnight. At 3-3:15 a.m. my son was awakened by a noise and in the dimly lit room saw nothing. He got out of bed and padded to the bathroom. As he was finishing his task he felt something behind him - like a slight magnetic pull / push feeling. He turned around expecting to find his lady friend standing behind him. Not so.

Standing in the bathroom doorway was a milky,transparent woman. She had light brown hair and was wearing a pastel long night dress. The dress stopped just below her knees. She was suspended in air with no legs. She stared blankly at my son as if he was blocking her path. Knowing not what to do my son stepped through her and out of the bathroom. He turned and looked back but she was gone. Skeptic no more!

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