ghost lights


ghost lights picture is a phenominon known as"tubes". in south america there is a cave that is more like a giant hole in the earth. people base jump in to the hole.a group of base jumpers were using a high speed video camera to record the jumps into the hole.when they edited the film they saw these things that look like the "ghost lights photo".there were thousands of these things.they'd follow the base jumpers then fly away.these things are so increadibly fast humans can't see them .in the cowboy days a person got a picture of I gigantic one hovering over his ranch. in the movie "jeepers creepers"2 I happen to hit the pause button on my dvd while watching the movie one day&was lucky enough to catch it on the dvd,during the scarescrow scene. no doubt we will start to hear about more&more people spotting these mysterious things& see a lot more pictures of these tubes.

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