Ghost Experiences

by Dolores Parker
(Bellefontaine,Ohio United States)

When I was 5 years old I was sleeping in this room with nothing but a couch you turn in to a bed.My mother never used the room due to trying to save money on the heat bill.Any way,I decided to sleep in there one night. I heard boom, boom, boom, like somebody was walking across the floor with heavy footsteps.The next thing I know I am being raised into the air off the bed.This happened three times.I ran to my mother crying. After that I always covered up my head with only my nose sticking out for a long time.It left scars.Eventually we moved out of that house right back into another haunted house.You could hear footsteps on the stairs every night.You could see shadows on the walls.Your hair on the back of your neck would stand up.One day it sounded like the furnace blew up.Checked the furnace in the basement.It was fine.Then it sounded like every jar of my moms canned stuff in the basement broke.Checked again.Nothing.One night I decided to sleep on the mattress that the guy died on.He went nuts before dieing from what I was told.I was going to sleep on it at the head of the stairs.Well anyway, my dad had given me this junk watch of his.The night I spent the night on the mattress the ghost crawled in bed with me. The covers raised up and the watch

lit up and started working.It was freaky.Again I am still a kid.Mom said it did the same thing to her.Later on in life I figure out I am suppose to be a medium so I have had quite a few run ins with spirits,poltergeist, you name it, I have dealt with it.Another experience was when I was living at Indian Lake.I was living in this apartment where apparently a guy was stabbed and the murder was never solved.You could see a white light passing by you all the time.I went to go in my room one night and the guy appeared.He got into my head and showed me exactly what happened and who did it.I knew the person that did it,but could not go to the police with the information.They probably would not have believed me.Another experience I had was when I lived in an old apartment building in Huntsville,Ohio.I was redoing my apartment. So one night I was working on knocking the concrete off of a chimney in the kitchen to repaint the bricks there original color. Previous to that I laid a refrigerator rack on the glass tabletop.While I am on top of the refrigerator knocking the concrete off, something picked up the refrigerator rack and slammed it on the table.I turn around and look and see an elderly lady standing there. I told her to leave.She was dead. No more problems after that.

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