Ghost encounter/ Cavalier Hotel/ Virginia Beach

by Lisa
(Westbury, New York, USA)

On October 15th, 2011, my husband and I were in Virginia Beach, staying at another hotel. I had heard about the Cavalier and was told they are open to the public for meals, so off we went in hopes of seeing a bit of this hotel.

Again, I had it in mind that I wanted to encounter something from the other side, and I believe that "ghosts" and spirits do know when you are eager to encounter them. It's like an open invitation of sorts. This isn't the first time I've experienced what I consider to be phenomenon like this.

We get to the hotel, enter the main lobby and are told in no uncertain terms that unfortunately the hotel is not open to the public on this day and only available for private parties. I asked the man who stopped us if he had any encounters, to which he was rather non-commital, and not very interested in the topic. We stood around for a minute or two and my husband actually got a few pictures of the place for the brief time we were there.

Disappointed, we walked out.

But.... this is where the encounter story begins to unfold....

We decided to go back to where we had parked the car previously (at our hotel we had just checked out of) and planned to have lunch on the beach before leaving to return to our home in New York.

We pull into the spot in the parking lot. Mind you, it had been a little windy here and there that day. But what I'm about to tell you seems to defy logic about how wind behaves.

Here's what happened:

Once we were parked, I, wearing a baseball cap, opened my door. It was the front seat, passenger side. As soon as I opened the door, a strong gust of wind (now I'm still IN THE CAR, mind you) swiftly takes my hat, and the hat basically DISAPPEARED.

My husband quickly, even before
me, got out and started searching high and low for this hat. I followed, searching everywhere. In the car, outside the car, under the car (you get the picture). We look around the parking lot. We searched for what must have been 5 or 10 minutes.

I thought to myself " How could the hat have just been swept off my head like that and now we cannot find it anywhere??" I mean, there wasn't a tornado or hurricane or anything. It was just a quick gust of wind that seemed to come right into the car and take the hat right off my head!!!

I checked with the front desk to make sure it was ok that we parked in that spot while we went for lunch. They said " fine, no problem". So, off we went to the beach for lunch.

I said to my husband " Maybe that was a ghost from the Cavalier just letting me know he's there, since I was interested in an encounter. "

Then I said

" Watch. We'll get back to the car and the hat will be right on the seat" (I'm getting chills just talking about this right now, which also makes me suspect this is the paranormal here. Had the same chills when relaying this story to our daughter).

After lunch, we walked back to the car.


It was perfectly positioned facing outward, not even toppled over.

It was in a VERY OBVIOUS and VISIBLE place. AND DEFINITELY WASN'T THERE when we searched before we left for lunch.

My feeling was that this was a ghost from the Cavalier playing with us. Kind of like a poltergeist. It was wild.

That's my story. Can upload photos later as we do have a few.

I'm very interested to know if anyone else has encountered a similar experience with the Cavalier hotel.

Thanks for reading!

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Feb 25, 2012
No way
by: Anonymous

Worst. Story. Ever.
Your crazy.

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