Gateway Gardens and Plain City

by Brandi
(Plain City, Ohio, Union)

I am actually a native from Kokomo, Indiana and lived in Gateway Gardens from age 8 to 16. I am a current resident in Ohio now. I am actually static I no longer live in Gateway Gardens. I lived there with my two brothers and mothers in the Last of the A row.

The first month of living there, there wasn't a thing to bother us then all of a sudden things started to happen. We could hear erie voices, aperations, being touched in our sleep and or sitting in the living room or kitchen. The TV would turn on and off when it was dark in our apartment when everyone was a sleep and the remote was on the living room coffee table. Toliet would flush, sink would come on and lights would come on and off.

My bed lifted an inch off the floor, my brothers' bedroom window fell inward on the dresser as if someone had yanked it down trying to escape. (My brothers were not in the room when this happened.) We had saw faces in the mirror in the bathroom, orbs and aperations. My mom had seen three orbs just mere inches from her bed when she was woken up from a loud thunk. Yes we had thunks whispering voices.

Late at night while my brothers, our friend and I were watching MXC on tv around 10:30 at night, we saw a dark shadow figure in the apartment and one that walked infront of our window in the apartment. We were all sitting on the couch and it made us scream and cry covering our eyes. Every now and then around 1am we could hear the giggling of young children. Some of my old friends even heard the giggling of a young child before she was pushed into a wall and tripped
in the hallway.

I know one thing is, I am so glad I am no longer living there. Those eight years were a pure night mare.

Now living in Plain city, there are even hauntings here though not so bothersome. My fieance and I live in the historic district of plain city and when I was alone in the bathroom brushing my teeth while my fieance was in the living room on the computer, the shower turned on I ran in the living room telling my fieance about it.

The next few times, I have felt cold spots in our apartment, an orb in the bedroom passing from the bathroom to the door. There was a shadow of a man in a top hat standing in the bedroom door way. My fieance didn't believe me until he heard voices around 4am while we were sleeping and was woke up by a thunk.

One day while my fieance was at work the shower turned on full blast when I was in the kitchen. I ran to see what was going on, and as soon as I made it to the bathroom, the shower shut off. A few hours later I heard music from the thirties in the corner of our kitchen. I was spooked and told my fieance once again.

So I did a little research and found out that our apartment used to be offices and below us was two shops. Honestly ever since I spoke to my fieance about it and spoke with a historical society employee about it, I feel closer and it doesn't really bother me as much.

To be honest I'm still frightend. Not as much as plain city but gateway was the worst experience that I ever had.

If your from Kokomo and lived in Gateway Gardens, you would probably have experienced it too.

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Mar 27, 2012
by: Brandon

I lived in gateway and i also heard things in my apartment D13 it was crazy as hell!!!!

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