Gateshead NE9 5NX

by Adam

Well, I don`t know where to start, I know I`ll start at the start. Carr Hill Community Primary School was built in 1898. On a burial site/ graveyard and the legend goes the that as soon as the School was built, the builder`s got murdered mysteriously unknown. The police came and could`t see anything you could kill people with (let`s get back to the legend)the bodies disappeared the next day. And the grey body of a person was seen. And, even though the School was bombed in WW2, it still stand`s today, haunted.

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Dec 05, 2012
Carr Hill School NEW
by: Richard Jennings

I've never come across a burial site on the grounds of where the school is and I have been a researcher/writer on local history in that area for the best part of 35 years. Could you tell me any more details? (please post here). I've never heard this story before and was born and brought up in the area

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