Gardner, MA Victorian House

Many people (including Ghost Hunters International) have visited this old 3 story victorian located in Gardner MA.

A family of 3 have since moved in, the father and mother writers from England if im not mistaken. Psychics from England have also came to the house to investigate and say that there is a young women in the house still who use to be the maid, she opens doors, knocks things over, and they hear footsteps often.

the owner of the house before the writer and his wife purchased it, up and left all his belongings inside. the house was empty for years. probably around 10-15. i was lucky enough to venture into the house, my aunt was the Realtor.

there were still food and milk in the refrigerator, his creepy artwork was still in piles everywhere, (paintins of half men, half beast, medusa, etc) and i have seen people in the turret window late at night while the house was empty. its an interesting place and im sure you can google more information or ask around about it. its well worth looking into.

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Mar 01, 2014
hi NEW
by: Anonymous

i liked the tour at the mansion. I got a picture of a women in the basement. Edwin tells a good story of the history of the house and He is a good guide tour.

Mar 01, 2014
hi NEW
by: Anonymous

i liked the tour at the mansion edwin tells a good story of the history of the house

Dec 05, 2013
Ghost Hunters International? NEW
by: Anonymous

How does an International tv show go to Gardner, MA? Typo....

Put money into the house, not your pockets folks. It's dilapidated and falling apart.

Oct 23, 2013
Gardner house and barre cementary NEW
by: Anonymous

I have lived in Gardner for 16 years!! I always wanted to go there a d exsplore. It's always been so creepy !! I grew up near the house it's haunted ghost and shadows in windows all the time. But never been in it Would like to go I hope they do tours again. Now I live in barre ma. I do go by there ever week It's Halloween. Again I would like to visit. I love lHalloween!! In barre there is a old haunted cementary by the entrance near the old barre falls damn on 122 go in and it's on ur left. It has a cript in front too. There's one section a lonely old tombstone where small children. Are buried years ago there mother killed them. U go there at nite u see and hear things laughter. And even one time we found little finger prints on the back of the car people leave toys and candy for them Poor little darlings. It is said that they come out and play at nite. It's a very old cemetary. If u like or believe in ghosts. This is one place to go. Been there day and nite. Many times even took photos

Dec 16, 2012
victorian house NEW
by: archie

i've been in & out of gardner sense 1994 & i've always past by that place,& for some reason when i past any old house & look long as i can at it while driving, i always get a ghost feeling in some of these old places like somethings there,& finding this i now know my felling was right!! i always felt like something was in that place just by looking at it, & i used to joke with my wife cause she has family in gardner, & wanted to move up there, i said lets buy this freaky place! she would tell me to go shove it! lol but now i'd like to bring a camera in there, i'm keeping my eyes on that place now. i knew it!

Oct 07, 2011
Growing up next to the Victorian Hotel
by: Deborah Finnegan

Growing up in Gardner MA, my Grandparents house was next door to the Victorian Hotel. I spent many days visiting and playing outside in the yard of the two homes. I always new that there was something strange at the Victorian House. There was always someone watching us from the window on the third floor. I remember it looked like a shadow of a small lady, but they were always there. I will be visiting in Gardner next week, and I am looking forward to taking the tour of the Victorian.

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