Gainesville , GA

by Nataly

I'm a 15 year old girl that has been haunted ever since I was 6 years old. It all started when I lived in Dahlonega, GA in the year 1998. The ghost that haunted me followed me from house to house. I moved to Paces Landing Apartments. On the first night I started off by seeing shadows in my bedroom, but my mother told me that it was reflecting by my window into the room at night. Years passed by and I've seen more. I moved in the apartment in 2005 in September. In the year 2007 I saw a tall old lady that smiled at me from my closet. The minute I saw her I ran out and I never saw her again. In 2008, I was taking a shower. The lights turned off and I tried to run out while I slipped in a puddle. I looked behind me when I saw glowing white shadows behind me, I crawled out with fear . In 2010, I started seeing the actual ghost. I couldn't take this fear anymore. The past week I keep seeing them walking around my room and restroom. I told my mom but nobody in my house believed me until one night I woke up being chocked by the ghost. I told my pastor to check in my apartment and he baptised it. After this , I never seen it again. I am still living in the apartment with my brave self.

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Mar 09, 2015
Interested in investigating NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am with a paranormal group and we would be very interested in investigating what has been happening in your apt... even if it has stopped. Would you be open to this>?

Jul 29, 2011
I believe u
by: Anonymous

I lived in paces landing too.. And I used to see and older man in my kids bedroom. After the some ppl from my church came to pray over the apartment it got worse.. one nite I fell asleep face down and and started to suffocate in my sleepi tried gettin up but something was pressing down on my head and back.. The next day I started packin and something somehow snatched the bag from my hands and sceamed into my ear...the apartment I lived in was 1109 and later found out that an old man lived there that had passed away.. Contact me

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