Friends house.

by Kyle Trentman
(Rudolph, Ohio US)

One night i was staying over at a friends house and he was telling me he had a old iron wagon wheel which was inside of a tree. The tree had grown around the wheel and has been there ever since he moved into the house. We went outside and it was around 7:30/8:00 pm when we went out. We went to the tree and he showed me the wagon wheel. When he went to tap the tree to get some of he bark out of he way i felt my whole body get cold for a minute or so. I couldn't move i was so shocked. After he quit tapping the tree it went away. It wasn't cold outside in he low 70's. He says he has heard talking in the night from the soldiers from the war that went on around in the area. This was in Jacksonville, Arkansas. In Rudolph Ohio I have taken a picture with my digital camera at night (with flash) And A round faint circle showed up on it. I took another one no more than 2 seconds afterwards and the light was no longer there. I still have a feeling it was a orb but i'm not sure. If you have any conclusions to this pleas email me at if you have any suggestions to what happened. If i had a picture still i would post them but i don't. My mom made me delete it cause it would scare my sister.

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