Freddy Jackson.

by Freddy Jackson.

I honestly can not say if I am a believer or not. I have heard a lot of things but only have had one happening ever but that could have been so many things. My mother and I had a video camera in our kitchen. The lights were on so we both knew who was where and who touched what. We asked a decent about of questions. Right after our last question before we where about to give up our battery from the camera went and the lights went of at the same time. I'm not really sure what to think about that. It could have been so many things seeming how it was an older house that we lived in. But I can't think of why the video camera would just shut down after being on the charger most of that day. maybe a bad battery? It's hard to say. But yet since then I have been very interested in ghosts and spirits.

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Sep 03, 2015
by: John

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Nov 07, 2012
Un-paid Royalties NEW
by: Music and Media International

Dear Freddie: It seems impossible to get past the sharks and reach you so here goes. I work with Music and Media International.We do audits of back royalties due Artists and we feel you have a lot of these.I could not locate your sister.we have worked with Clive Davis,Tina Turner,Henry Mancini,McHammer,Tony Bennett,Bruce Springsteen.You may google us to validate our company.You have been un-paid severly our number in Los Angeles is 310-360-7777. Hoping this get's to you Freedie as you are a true entertainer. Warren Foster

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