Fraser, MI

by Dani

In this Fraser house, there has been many reportings of paranormal activity by the owners and the children.

The basement is where most of the sitings happened and still is happening. The bathroom door shuts by itself, the boxes fall down by themselves. You hear screams and someone calling your name. Someone has claimed that they have felt something touch them in their sleep. The dog looks around and freaks out when nothing is going on.

Upstairs, there has been claims of seeing someone at the kitchen table, which it is believed to be a grandma that has passed. They have also claimed to hear the grandpas voice and footsteps in the hallway.

There is also a bald, younger man that seems to sit on the floor in the front room. The computer will play movies by itself, and those movies turn out not to be the ones that we saw.

If you shut off the light in the bathroom, they see a figure, and it looks like it's pulling hair.

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Oct 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where this is? I live in Fraser and it would be interesting to learn about this and write it in our school newspaper
please email me

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