Frankfort, IL- Lakeside Dr. house

by Amber Fedenis
(Tinley Park, IL)

My boyfriend has lived there since he was a child. But, when the construction workers were finishing the NEW house, in the attic there was a HUGE wasp's nest, which couldn't of possibly existed in that short amount of time.

Now bee's and flies are a representation of the Devil. So, when his dad saw it, he knocked it down. Ever since then, a lot of strange occurances have happened.

When they got settled, they had a priest come bless the house. But, i really don't think he did much. In his basement, something very demonic resides.

He told me that he decided to sleep down in the basement one night with his little dog in a sleeping bag.

He was texting someone under the covers, and all of the sudden his sleeping bag started shacking, like someone was rocking it back and fourth, then it stopped. He blew it off.

His mother and father experience the most out of everyone, his mother told me that one night she was literally floating above her bed, and she couldnt get down, her husband had to pull her down.

My boyfriend also said that occurences usually happen when you are alone, and he is right. I was not feeling good one day and i came over and just layed in his bed.

His mom wanted him to come downstairs to talk to him real quick. So i was there facing the wall, when i heard the door close, i called out his name but no one answered.

I didnt want to turn around, all i know is that it got really hot and itchy in his room all of the sudden.

Another incident is, my boyfriend was using the bathroom, i was downstairs talking to his mother.

He came downstairs and was like "Amber, why did you ask me if i was in the bathroom again?" and i said i wasnt even up stairs.

so now this ghost or whatever this thing is, is taking on the voice of me. there is more stories, but i will just narrow it down to these.

there is warm spots, not cold, voices, and stuff falls. creepy, and really unexplainable.

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