Frank Gable apartments (Also known as the chester apartments) located in Bremerton wa.

by Tanya Mckenzie
(Silverdale, Wa.)

These apartments are located on chester ave. in Bremerton washington. Was once a hospital and now the spirits of the patients and employees roam the building.

I used to live in the apartments and I had a few things happen. Once when i was cooking in my kitchen at 10pm i heard the voice of a child yelling out "mommy wait for me" the sound was right outside my apartment door (which is in my kitchen). I looked out the window right away and saw nothing.I opened the doorand went out in the hallway and saw nothing. I also would hear what sounded like a 10 year old child crying in the bedroom at night about an hour after i put my 12 month old son to bed. Everytime I went to check on my son he was sound asleep and the crying would stop. This happened on many occasions. I did stop putting my son in the room cause even though the child sounded way older then my son i wanted to be sure it wasn't him. The night crying continued. I ended up moving out just two months after I moved in.

The old Hospital has been remodled in recent years and the residents who live there today still complain of the spirits roaming the halls.

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