Founders Memorial School Essex Vt

When I was in elementary school, we would play flashlight tag in the gym. The gym teacher would let us hide in the curtains that split the gym. I was hiding in the curtains when all of a sudden, something pushed me out of the curtains. I go back into the curtains and push back to see if anyone was there. Of coarse, no one. 5 minutes later the same thing happens to me and a lot of other kids that were hiding in the curtains. The gym teacher thought it was a person that was doing it. But no, because that next summer, I went to summer camp there and I knew no one was on the other side of the curtain AND someone had called my name. My friends also got pushed out of the curtains too. On the playground, my fiends and I would play on the little playground and all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and something call out my name. I tuned around and no one was there. The most haunted place of all is the girls gym bathroom. Toilets flush when no one is in the stall, sinks turn on when again, no one is there.

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